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Here’s something I once thought I’d be ashamed to say: We are proud owners of a timeshare in Breckenridge, Colorado. Or, as they prefer to say these days, fractional vacation ownership.

Every time I confess to having a timeshare, I feel compelled to embark on a spiel about why our timeshare is extraordinary and why we’re genuinely pleased with our decision. And truthfully, we are.

You see, just a few years back, I scoffed at the idea of timeshares, dismissing them as a choice for the gullible. Me? Invest in a timeshare? I’d sooner take a trip to the moon.

But then, about eight years ago, I received a call offering me the chance to visit Breckenridge for just $99 for four nights. Of course, there was a catch—I had to endure a 90-minute preview of their new property, Grand Colorado on Peak 8.

Under normal circumstances, I would have declined and hung up, but I had just returned from a lackluster ski vacation to Winter Park. It wasn’t Winter Park’s fault; we went in early December, and the snow conditions were dismal. Given that I only get one ski vacation a year, I yearned for another shot at redeeming that winter.

Having recently discussed potential ski destinations with my husband, Chadd, at the Denver airport, the call seemed like a sign—indicating that we should head to Breckenridge (not buy a timeshare, just to be clear).

As an attorney, I can spot deceit from a mile away, and Chadd isn’t one to spend money without good reason. So, we reasoned that enduring a 90-minute tour and sales pitch was a small price to pay for four nights in Breckenridge with complimentary ski passes.

How We Ended up Buying a Timeshare

There might be no greater sales people in America than those who sell timeshares. In fact, if I had to hire a salesperson, my very first call would be to the woman who sold us ours—a woman I still keep in touch with, by the way, despite the fact she no longer works there.

Allyson started out by showing us how much we would likely spend on vacations over the next decade and over the course of our lives. The numbers were astronomical compared to the price of the timeshare, particularly with the pre-construction savings.

Did I mention we couldn’t even tour the actual property because this condo they wanted us to buy into was nothing but steel framing? Instead, we toured their most recently constructed property, Grand Lodge on Peak 7, and looked at renderings and 3-D models.

Grand Colorado on Peak 8 timeshare in Breckenridge, CO
Although we bought a winter week, we’ve been able to visit every summer as well to take advantage of the amazing weather and plethora of nearby hiking options (photo credit: Breckenridge Grand Vacations)

We were unconvinced and just trying to figure out how to get away from this woman. And then she did the smartest thing she could have ever done—she started telling us how her and her husband use their timeshares— all the times they’ve traded for properties around the globe.

I think we really perked up when she mentioned she’d previously worked in Whistler and that there were plenty of places we could trade for there. We’d both really wanted to go to Whistler, and before we knew it she was throwing in a “developer week” we could swap to go to Whistler the following ski season since the property we’d be buying into in Breckenridge wouldn’t be ready for two more years.

Allyson logged into her own Interval International account to show us how we could trade our week and all the places we could trade for that were on our travel bucket list—Whistler, Glacier, Tahoe, Spain, France and more.

She and her husband were about the same age as us (we were 33 and 39 at the time), and they’d traveled all over the world trading their timeshares. They didn’t have kids and had the flexibility to take advantage of off-season availability. They were just like us.

And if we didn’t want to trade our week, we could rent it out either through the property itself or on VRBO. We took a quick look on my phone, and a week at their sister property where we were sitting was going for $2,400. Then we could take that cash and go anywhere – we wouldn’t even have to trade for a timeshare property.

After she threw in a couple of weeks we could use right away for other properties, we decided to purchase a bi-annual suite (the smallest size condo they offered) with an option to purchase the bi-annual years we were missing at the same price within six months. It was incredibly easy to get approved for financing through their in-house program, and about four hours after we walked in the door we walked out with a giant folder full of the paperwork documenting our purchase.

The bedroom inside a suite at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 (photo credit: Breckenridge Grand Vacations)

What It Has Really Been Like Owning a Timeshare in Breckenridge, Colorado

I can remember calling and telling my mom about our purchase and getting a lecture about how we’d been taken. But Chadd and I never waivered. We kept rehashing the sales discussion and coming to the conclusion that it made total sense.

Six years later, I can tell you it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We traded one of our “developer weeks” for a 2-bedroom condo in Whistler and were able to take Chadd’s mom along with us. We still have our other week banked for future use.

Once we became a part of the Interval International family (a membership our property bought for us for two years), we learned about “Getaways”—cheap deals you can snag at timeshare properties across the globe without having to trade your week at your home property.

We’ve gone on 14 Getaways so far:

  • Breckenridge (August 2015)
  • San Diego (December 2015)
  • Breckenridge (August 2017)
  • Breckenridge (May/June 2018)
  • Breckenridge (September 2018)
  • Breckenridge (August 2020)
  • Breckenridge (September 2020)
  • Breckenridge (April 2021)
  • Breckenridge (August 2021)
  • Breckenridge (April 2021)
  • Breckenridge (April 2022)
  • Breckenridge (September 2022)
  • Breckenridge (March 2023)
  • Breckenridge (September 2023 – for the entire month!)

We’ve also traded our week twice:

  • Whistler (2016)
  • Santa Fe (2019)

And we’ve used points in Interval once:

  • Maui (2024)

Otherwise, we’ve used our week every year since the property opened.

You probably sense a pattern, huh? We do like to go back to Breckenridge quite often. In fact, we tried to buy a condo in Breckenridge, but with the market soaring, it’s been much more economical to simply pick up extra weeks through our Interval International membership. I was even able to piece together more than three weeks in September 2023 to basically be in Breck the entire month.

Each of those Getaways has cost us under $400 for an entire week at a nice resort with full amenities. Yes, you read that right – under $400 for an entire week! And don’t let our many trips to Breckenridge fool you. We could have gone dozens of places around the globe, we simply chose to keep returning to Breckenridge because we love it there so much.

In September 2023, I even picked up three getaways at Grand Lodge on Peak 7 (next door to Grand Colorado where we own) for three travel writers I was hosting for a retreat. So, getaways can even be something you book or gift for others!

Oh, and on the August 2015 visit to Breckenridge, we exercised our option and added a bi-annual week on our off years. By then, the pre-construction pricing was gone and units like ours were going for twice as much. Six years later, in March of 2021, we upgraded to a one-bedroom, which gets us into the point system for both the company that owns our property and within Interval International so we can break up our week into multiple vacations. Heck, Interval will give us two weeks for trading just our one week!

Interval is also constantly “gifting” us with free weeks. These have date and location restrictions, but if you’re retired, work from home or otherwise have a flexible schedule, you could take advantage of these constantly.

Grand Colorado on Peak 8

So what about Grand Colorado on Peak 8? How did it turn out once we finally got to stay there for the first time? I’m actually writing this while sitting at the rooftop owners club overlooking the slopes after a day of spring skiing!

Grand Colorado on Peak 8 timeshare in Breckenridge

The property is absolutely stunning – a true ski in/ski out that’s easily four-star quality. My favorite aspect? Hot tubs that are literally right on the slopes.

And our suite, as it turned out, was more like a one-bedroom than a studio. The bedroom in the suites is completely separated from the living space, and we easily could have brought someone along with us to sleep on the pull-out. We did upgrade to a one-bedroom on our last trip, but that was more about getting into the point system so we can better leverage our ownership than it was about space. I do love that the one bedrooms have a fireplace and balcony though!

How to Decide if a Timeshare is Right for You

Here are the factors that have made this a great investment for us:

  • We don’t have kids
  • We have flexible work schedules, which includes being able to work remotely
  • We travel frequently

I can see how it isn’t a great fit for everyone. For example, if you have kids and need a specific week for spring break, you’d need to pay more to purchase a timeshare for a set week each year (and hope your school system doesn’t change when its spring break falls) or it might not be for you.

However, one benefit of ownership at Grand Colorado is “day use” priveleges. So, if you ever visit Breckenridge and aren’t staying there, you can still park at the property, get a ski locker and even use the pool, hot tubs and owners club. As I’m writing this, I’m staying at their other property, Grand Colorado on Peak 7, but have been using parking and owner club privileges at Grand Colorado all week.

We have a “floating” week, which means our week could fall anywhere within a range of dates. You reserve your week by calling one year in advance. The first time I called to book, I tried 10 minutes after the phone lines opened and the week I wanted was already full. I called back the next week and got the week following my first choice, which was fine for us because we’re flexible. Ever since then, I’ve been able to snag the exact week I wanted by calling as soon as the phone lines opened.

If you don’t take a week-long trip at least once a year, this also might not be for you. Of course, you could always just rent your week and pocket the cash, but a big part of the reason we value our investment so much is that we’ve been able to get so much out of it with all the travel we do and still plan to do. Alternatively, if you have a one-bedroom or larger in our system (Breckenridge Grand Vacations) then you can break your week up into multiple shorter stays.

Grand Colorado on Peak 8 timeshare in Breckenridge, CO
The slopeside hot tubs are one of our favorite features (photo credit: Breckenridge Grand Vacations

I also think having the Interval International membership is key, because that’s how you’re able to trade so easily and snag great deals on additional weeks. Our developer paid our first two years, but you can get in for less than $100 annually on your own.

And last, but not least, our developer and property manager, Breckenridge Grand Vacations, is amazing. Not once has anyone there ever told us anything that wasn’t true or misled us. And their properties are stunning. We’ve stayed at Grand Timber Lodge multiple times now, at our property (Grand Colorado on Peak 8) once, and at Grand Lodge on Peak 7 once. All of the properties are well maintained, in great locations, beautifully landscaped and full of amenities.

Here’s my big brag on BGV’s customer service. When we traveled to Sante Fe, we had a terrible experience in our timeshare there (owned by another timeshare developer). I called BGV to tell them because I know sometimes they steer you away from other properties based on owner feedback. I simply wanted them to keep other BGV owners from staying at this property in Sante Fe.

I complained both on property and to the national office for the resort in Sante Fe and never received any real response. However, when I complained to BGV, they gifted me a free week and had a welcome basket waiting for us the next time we arrived at one of their properties. Now, that’s customer service!

So, while a timeshare isn’t right for everyone, it’s also not the racket I thought it once was. And thanks to that one phone call, Breckenridge has now become our home away from home – so much so that our next purchase will be a more permanent residence in town!

If you’re interested in staying at Grand Colorado on Peak 8, email me so I can refer you! Owners get amazing rates to share with others interested in coming to stay.


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